Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Hawkwind tribute on UK daytime tv

If a 'big act' like Muse or Paul McCartney is playing London then there well may be a reference to the upcoming show on daytime tv. However, the old space-rock bunch, Hawkwind, don't really register on the public or the tv industry radars.

I was in the capital recently, to see Hawkwind, and was pretty surprised to see this on Channel Five.

The Great British Barbershop Boys, doing a brief rendition of an old Bob Calvert song!

Matthew Wright's show is called The Wright Stuff, and so he probably had no problems persuading his producer to allow a snatch of The Right Stuff. Had he wanted Brainstorm, or Sonic Attack, I daresay it would've been a different story! Anyway, Matthew's a big fan of Hawkwind - he even sang on a single they released in 2005 - so it was fun to see him get away with it!

Hawkwind fans were given a heads-up that something Hawk-related would be happening on the show, which is why I tuned in. I usually completely avoid daytime tv.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

My science fiction movie competition! [solved]

No prizes, but can anyone figure what science fiction film this photo refers to?

The photo is carefully arranged to specifically reference one particular film.

Oh, and it's not an obscure one, not some weird B-movie.