Monday, 6 February 2012

TOA MR-8T multi-track cassette recorder

I've just been testing an 8-track recording unit, an old one that uses cassette tapes.

It's the TOA MR-8T, and I've made the discovery that, although it has a pitch control for playback (ie, a tape speed control) it won't play conventional recordings properly. You can play them fast, or you can increase the speed (pitch) and play them very fast - but you can't play them at the "proper" speed.

In other words, this unit is incompatible with just about every other cassette deck in the known universe.

As if this weren't enough, it seems like it can only play Type II cassettes - the high bias ones with an extra notch next to the customary erase-protect notch.

So it's also incompatible with
around - what - 90% of the cassette tapes in the known universe? Something like that, anyway.

I'm rather tempted to review this unit on youtube - with the assistance of a bloody great axe! That would make an entertaining video.

"When investigating problems, it's alway important to disconnect the mains before opening the casing..." - crash!! Yes, I'd rather like to do that.