Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Earthworms live in weird places

I don't see why even upwardly-mobile worms choose to live under bags of rubbish.

I shifted a bag today and saw eight worms underneath. Do they discontentedly burrow around in flowerbeds and pop up every night for a look-around, and then one day think: "Aha, that's where I'd rather be... lying on a hard surface, squashed under a smelly bag of trash."

It seems a bit odd, to me.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cakewalk default folder and registry edits

One problem about Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro is, version 2 won't launch properly if the drive that used to hold the raw data suddenly no longer exists.

(They may have fixed the problem on CW3, for all I know, but I regard that version with contempt and never ever use it.)

The reason that CW2 couldn't "see" the drive it expected to see was, I'd disconnected it, as I no longer trust that drive.  I'm in the middle of salvaging my data off of it right now. Thing is, CW2 should spin up properly and then allow the "pointers" to be changed - but in actaul fact that appears not to be the case.

I researched the problem and saw a load of hysteria about registry edits, and I wondered what all the fuss was about. To me, the Windows Registry is just a glorified *.ini file - an initiation file that establishes basic parameters. Yet the talk on the forum was about hacking and stuff.

It seems some people regard their own registry editing as "hacking" yet I regard it as routine taking-charge-of-your-own-computer stuff.  To me, hacking is where you break into somewhere where you're not meant to be. You know... like, you access the USA's military computers and then send the stuff to Wikileaks.

I can see where the doubt might be, thouigh. Suppose your house electrics go wrong one day, and you randomly mess around with your fuse board, and swap a few wires around. And then you switch on again. Are you then really surprised if there's a brilliant blue flash, and your house burns down?

I think registry edits are like mains electricity. Totally safe, if you know what you're doing and take all appropriate precautions.

Just stand on a rubber mat before running regedit, eh.