Saturday, 16 August 2014

Any Video Converter malware

Invited by Any Video Converter to update to the newest version, I downloaded the relevant installer file.... and it summarily closed my browser without any warning. And placed an Internet Search icon on my task bar. 

Recognising these rather unsubtle signs of computer interference, I cut the power to my machine and set about tidying up any damage Any Video Converter or its bedfellows were seeking to do.

In "safe mode" and after a look at msconfig, I ran Malwarebytes, which reported three intrustions - all OpenCandy, an installer system with whom Any Video Converter is closely associated, and whose reputation (or lack of it) can easily be ascertained in a Yahoo or Google search.

Fifteen minutes wasted already. Next, I had a quick whirl on the powerful Hijack This utility and removed several unwanted items.

The search icon sends traffic to linkeyproject, a site that is highly praised on one website - - and seems universally condemned everywhere else! Any Video Converter are making strange friends, these days, aren't they?

Restarting my computer, my antivirus then immediately reported a "suspicious attempt" at changing my system registry. Ah, right. Thanks, Any Video Converter. 

Finally opening my browser, I found the Firefox extensions list had been infiltrated, various settings changed, and my preferred homepage altered. So, more tidying up was required.

By now, I'd wasted THIRTY MINUTES cleaning up after AVC's activities.

It's interesting to note that if one types "Any Video Converter malware" into Yahoo or Google search, the autocomplete offers the full phrase in advance of completion. Presumably other people have had to look this up before! 

I wonder if that Linkey Search thing would also reveal this??

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