Sunday, 7 March 2010

CFZ ploughed field?

It'll soon be time to start mowing the CFZ lawn... except that parts of it are in a somewhat distressed state. And one doesn't need to look very far for the reason....

Biggles' fun and games with his apples-on-a-rope are good for him, but not quite so good for the poor old lawn.

Here, you can see parts of it resemble a ploughed field!

Anyone have any ideas for some restoration? We tried grass seed last year, but it didn't work. Not sure why: surely grass isn't that difficult to grow? I mean, the prairies of North America managed to grass themselves over, without any help from Mankind at all. So what's going on?


Anonymous said...

Grass seed germinates much better in the cooler months (and there seems to be plenty of them these days!)It also does better with plenty of rain - no shortage of that either. Perhaps scratching up the surface with a rake then firming it down after sowing would help, particularly as Biggles's frolics may be displacing it.
The labour intensive but certain method would be to cut squares of turf from areas of the garden he doesn't frequent and transplanting them to the bald patches, replacing them with soil and seeding them instead.
Buying turf would necssitate fetching it yourselves as most merchants have big minimum order levels for delivering.

Graham said...

Thanks '73. Yes, we'd like to avoid buying turf, as that's not only pricey, but labour-intensive in laying it.