Friday, 19 March 2010

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

You know, I'm not so sure about the title.
Jon and Corinna are away in Texas, so I suppose it's they who are roaming around ranches, not I.

Right, that's got the stereotyping out of the way, and now here's a view of what's going on at CFZ Central.

The latest recruit to the local Neighbourhood Watch anti-crime scheme... Biggles likes that chair near the front window, so's he can bark at anyone walking past!

The real nerve-centre of the CFZ?

This is the CFZ Workshop, from which little hammer-wielding pixies and elves emerge to fix things that are starting to fall apart.

The process of moving tools and DIY-type resources from the CFZ Museum into here is continuing.

This is the plaster cast that I mentioned a week ago.

It's still not dry!

Poured as a test one week before Jon and Corinna shipped out, this particular brand of plaster has not distinguished itself as a potential expedition resource. It's been setting for over three weeks, now!

And finally, a look at the CFZ wheelbarrow... its colour scheme echoes that of Biggles' quite nicely - but structurally, it's not in such good shape. The front stays (white vertical struts) have come adrift and it's going to have to enter the CFZ Vehicle Repair Bay before it's once again "fit for purpose" (as the UK Government would no doubt phrase it).


dinosaurman said...

Hi Graham.
What kind of plaster did you use for that?

Graham said...

Hi! It's B&Q Value Plaster, for use on internal brick and stone. The key word there is "internal", I suppose.

The tray of gunk was indoors at the time, but I suppose that doesn't count!