Friday, 5 March 2010

Holding the Fort

A fairly calm day at CFZ Central.

Jon and Corinna should be arriving in America around now, at the start of their hunt for the Blue Dogs, and I spent a chunk of the afternoon re-editing the video footage of their departure from the railway station.

I was unable to upload it to YouTube yesterday, and so I took the opportunity to rework some of the sound transitions.

Movie Magix is a fun program to use; it's the same editing suite that Jon uses for things like the On The Track monthly CFZ round-up.

It's very easy to get absorbed in such work, but Biggles the CFZ Dog pushed my door open from time to time, dropping hints that he wanted to go out... and I've always liked having breaks from work, anyway!

And here's the vid! And yes, I managed to get the thumbnail pic to be Jon in the doorway of the train.


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